Each month we will post candid conversations with experts in their fields ranging on a variety of topics from health and wellness to marketing.


Mindset is our driving force. It determines and frames the way we live our lives and even defines our level of achievement. So, when it comes to acquiring business success, our money mindset has phenomenal power associated with it. Lindsay Sinclair, Director of Community Engagement, interviews Leah Binkley, certified business coach for entrepreneurs, on insights, tips and strategies to help shift our mindsets toward exciting new levels of success.


Join our WBOM’s Vice Chair and Director of Membership Dianne Gray-Wysocki as she talks all things about marketing and starting a business with Emily Warsza-Bergen, owner of Zealous Decor.


Join us for a presentation from Scott Wolfe Chartered Professional Accountants owners Kim Dufaj, CPA, CFP and Kayla Black CPA, CA, where they provide answers to some of the most common finance and accounting questions they have received from small business owners over their 20 years in the industry. 

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is an incredibly important topic these days! Join Melina Elliot and Erica Henderson, co-founders of Body Measure as they delve into the following topics and more:

Why should we start thinking about the health of our bones now? How important is muscle in a woman’s body? Why weight is irrelevant and we should be focused on fat loss! What does healthy really mean? If we are struggling to lose fat, why do we really need to change?