Find out about Gail Howell of Freedom 55 Financial:

Tell us about your business – what was your main motivation for starting it?

Independent (commissioned sales) financial advisor.  My management role (Director of Business Development) was eliminated as part of a Canada-wide restructuring with Great West Life in May 2017.

What challenges have you faced since starting up your business?

Educating my network and connections on my new role.  Prospecting to find new clients.

What is your biggest accomplishment business-wise?

Being part of a management team that went from being one of the lowest performing teams in Canada to achieving # 1 in our division!

What inspires you to grow your business?

Knowing that people at a base level want piece of mind that there families will be taken care of if they are not around to do it.  Knowing I put money in people’s hands when they need it most.

What is your event and why are you excited about presenting your topic?

My topic ‘Being the Best You’ can take on many meanings.  Telling my story, sharing ideas and tips that hopefully will be helpful to others. I admit I have a bit of a ‘Hidden Agenda’ that I am excited to unfold!

What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs?

Follow your dream!  Find a mentor that understands you and how you think.  Most successful entrepreneurs had at least one mentor along the way.

Why do you think Networking events such as WBOM help other female entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs spend an extraordinary amount of time working in and on their business.  Making time to meet and hear from other women who are faced with similar challenges can be very cathartic. I have made many long term friendships through networking that has helped my along the way that has been both fun and  good for the soul!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Volunteering on community projects that I am passionate about.  Most important, spending time with my family and friends!