Find out about Dianne Szelag of Investment Pieces!

Tell us about your business – what was your main motivation for starting it?

The main motivation for starting it was to create something different in my life after spending 30 years in finance.  I started my working career in fashion design.

What challenges have you faced since starting up your business?

Making Winnipeg women aware of our existence. Having enough time to maintain a solid marketing plan. Especially in regards to social media. 

What is your biggest accomplishment business-wise?

Having built a very strong employee team.

What inspires you to grow your business?

Watching women leave our store feeling much better about themselves and much more confident.

What is your event and why are you excited about presenting your topic?

We are presenting a sample of our spring lines and we want to share the versatility of our store with the members. We offer a wide range of clothing, mainly made in Canada and we appeal to both young and mature business professionals. Despite the name, Investment Pieces, we are not an expensive store as we try to offer our clientele a range of price choices.

What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs?

Draw on a strong network base and do not be afraid to ask for advice.

Why do you think Networking events such as WBOM help other female entrepreneurs?

It exposes them to a wide range of successful women in various fields and gives them access to those women.